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A toy watering can in my grad school studio became an object of particular interest with its mimetic design as a tool- a vessel with the specific purpose to collect and in turn disperse a resource. This idea/image resonated for me with my experience of being a student- gaining (filling up) ideas/knowledge in order to hypothetically be of use in some tangible way. My acknowledgement that obtaining a resource can become the end game in a kind of circular activity is reflected in drawings of “self-watering” cans in "Happy Hour- Academically Speaking", and "Colorfast".

In the second iteration of the Splash series, I focus on form and color in beach toys abandoned like plastic relics of summer’s interest. I redeploy them as metaphors for the phenomenon of becoming a celebrity. Here color ‘works’ as the labor done to gain entry for media notice. The essential form/self is obfuscated or complicated in the venture of becoming colorful tools at service to our need for distraction.

Minor Players
Minor Players
acrylic and graphite on paper
30 x 22"

private collection