2018 Groundwork(s) installation Linda Warren ProjectsGroundwork(s) installation 20182018 Groundwork(s) installation Linda Warren Projects2018 Groundwork(s) installation
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Groundwork(s) through 2020
including 2018 exhibition installation of Groundwork(s) Linda Warren Projects

I work by project-series of paintings and drawings, which variously reflect my interest in social dynamics and art history.
With the recent series Groundwork, I return to my ongoing interest in abstraction within a post-modern framework. In contrast to the self-contained formalism of modernism, I focus on prosaic, schematic patterns of formal appeal that operate simultaneously as social signifiers.
Here, specifically, I utilize the distinct patterning from the soles of shoes to think about the very particularity and variety of design that goes into the literal marking (and marketing) of our movement on the ground. I record these patterns as I find them, oftentimes a chaotic mix of partial prints and in other sites ordered, discernable designs. This manufactured residue that marks us routinely across space in time, though on the one hand quite ordinary, fascinates me as vestigial configurations of our collective history.